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French Doors

French Doors Aylesbury

We install a range of French doors to customers in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas. 

We supply French doors with a range of benefits including; security, energy-efficiency and low maintencance in terms of both cleaning and the likelihood of future repairs being needed. 

We supple a wide range of French doors to customers in Aylesbury to suit a range of houses and personal tastes. Give us a call to discuss your needs and we can recommend the best style to suit your property. 

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Wide range of doors to choose from 

Our range of patio doors ensure there is a design to suit every home. Contact us to see the full range & get a free quote on  a door to transform your home. 


The glass you choose is as important as the style and colour. We have a wide array of glass designs perfectly suited for each type of door. Choosing the right glass options can really be a focal point for your door.


The hardware you choose gives your door its own individual look and is available in a wide range of colours. Choosing the right hardware makes a statement about you and your home.

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    FAQ’s about French Doors 

    Customers in Aylesbury rightly asked questions about French Doors. We have listed out some commonly asked questions and some extra information about French doors. If you don’t see a answer to your question below. Please give us a call on 0800 7720829.

    What is the difference between a patio & french door? 

    The main difference is how each opens. Patio doors slide along a track and open to the size whereas french doors open on a hinge. 

    Can I customise my choice of French door?

    We understand there is a range of property types in Aylesbury due to this we supply patio doors that suit all styles. We can tailor the patio door to your personal preference. 

    Are French doors durable? 

    All the doors we supply are of the highest quality. French doors can withstand the most extreme weather. Many properties have had the same French doors for decades without need for repair. 

    Are French doors safe?

    Yes. Our French doors are one of the safest options customers in Aylesbury can choose. We provide doors with high security locking mechanisms. Our expert team can dicuss different safety options with you. 

    Are French doors easy to clean?

    Yes. French doors are one of the easiest types of doors when it comes to cleaning. French doors can be cleaned with standard household products.


    Will French doors add value to my home?

    We believe so yes. Our French doors add a attractive look to properties in Aylesbury. This will make your property more appealing to both estate agents valuing and potential buyers. French doors are one of the most cost effective ways to transform the look of a property. 

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